About Rouse Development Group

Rouse Development Group, LLC is a regional real estate development organization centered in Lexington, Kentucky. The affordable housing developments to date have utilized Low Income Housing Tax Credits authorized under Section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code and low-interest loans provided under the Section 515 programs under the Rural Development Services (RDS) Section 515 rural rental housing program for low-to-moderate income households.

Affordable housing development is a complicated business that requires multiple and diverse talents. It requires the knowledge of the local real estate markets and the ability to work with local governments, agents and persons. It requires the ability to understand sophisticated financial markets and conditions, local politics and human nature.
Rouse Development Group, LLC is a comprehensive development organization due to the experience and designations of the principals and its affiliates in the affordable housing industry. Additionally, there are several outside organizations with expertise in different areas of affordable housing that are employed to assure the ongoing success of each development including:

  • Financial Institutions including Private Banking Institutions and National Syndicators;
  • Experienced Affordable Housing Real Estate Attorneys, Accountants, Real Estate Brokers and Agents and Engineers;
  • Experienced Affordable Housing Developers;
  • Experienced Affordable Housing Management Agents.

In addition to developments for its own accounts, Rouse Development Group, LLC provides its comprehensive services and skills to select organizations who have demonstrated the ability to develop affordable housing and secure the financing and to maintain those developments in compliance with all governing regulations.


Selecting Markets:

Rouse Development Group, LLC carefully selects the markets to target for development of affordable housing, whether new construction or rehabilitation. Markets are selected for their viability utilizing the real estate experience of the principal and outside consultants retained on a case-by-case basis. Many factors are considered such as:

  • Land acquisition, including combining several lots;
  • Land zoning issues including rezoning where necessary;
  • Administrative compliance at the local, state and federal levels;
  • Development of new affordable housing properties in strong markets with projected future demand for new rental housing units;
  • Acquisition of existing buildings for rehabilitation into viable affordable housing developments;
  • Acquisition of existing rental properties where the development can be rehabilitated and remarketed to improve its market position using our contacts with experienced local management companies; and
  • Implementing the proposal within the regulations and requirements of the funding program with a competitive edge.


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